Dear customers, suppliers, friends and public in general, hereby we inform you that from December 10th, 2015, the Congress of the State of Guerrero, appointed Xavier Ignacio Oléa Pelaez, as Attorney General, derived from it, our partner has ceased to be Chairman of the Board of Directors and partner of our firm in order to avoid any kind of interest conflict and, consequently, has stopped working in our firm, but not before transferring the professional liability matters personally attended to the other partners and associates who remain in the office, so the attention and processes is assured. It should be mentioned that with Xavier Ignacio Olea Pelaez, Jose Antonio Bonilla Uribe, Edgar Enrique Vaca Duran and Juan Manuel Mendez Arroyo, decided to join this courageous project and support him as officials in the General State office of Guerrero, therefore they have ceased their professional services in our firm.


Noticed regarding Mr. HORACIO OROZCO OLVERA

Mr. HORACIO OROZCO OLVERA, decided to start a new career path, we deeply appreciate his work within our firm, it should be noted that he will remain temporarily linked to some of the matters in which he participated as an associate, in order to make a proper transition to the new associates of thus affairs.