OLÉA & OLÉA ABOGADOS is a civil corporation founded on the year 1997, our principal purpose is, precisely, the rendering of professional services in the science of Law and, specifically, the evaluation and representation of all kinds of legal matters, in particular Criminal, Amparo, Family, Corporate and Civil Law; the corporate name of our firm is Oléa & Oléa Abogados, S.C. and diverse Oléa, Bonilla & Oléa Abogados, S.C.

This legal firm is the result of many generations of lawyers, litigants, advisers, associates and collaborators who have bequeathed to us their efforts, dedication, professionalism and prestige, obtained over the course of more than (50) fifty years in sundry fields of Law.

The constitution of our law firm, is the decision of our Honorary Chairman Xavier Olea Peláez, to search for new horizons in conjunction with his sons and other partners, giving rise to the present firm of OLÉA & OLÉA which, since its inception, has attained great national and international professional success and substantially increased the volume of matters attended by the firm.

Our Law firm is the result of the prestige, tradition, family togetherness, professionalism, professional capacity, partnerships and commitment to serving society and Mexico.

In order to provide more comprehensive and professional service to our clients we have external partners in several branches also prestigious national and international experts in areas such as: translation, accounting, auditing, psychology, forensic medicine, psychiatry, criminology, medicine, actuarial, engineering, architecture, among others, we also possess the invaluable cooperation of the most important Public Notaries of the country, including Mexico City.

Among our services we provide private investigation, throughout specialist in such area with many years of experience; systems, data processing and any links needed to provide the service in the most efficient way, which often generates benefits in legal strategies in order to obtain more efficient successes.

We should indicate that OLÉA & OLÉA has obviously provided legal advice and support to numerous private individuals, private companies and government agencies, whose names we are obliged both, legally and by professional ethics to withhold. These clients occupy the greater part of our work space, on the understanding that many of said criminal matters are currently in litigation or at the preliminary investigation stage. For this reason we are unable to divulge the names of these clients, but are able to state that many of the cases involved are, and had been of common knowledge and national interest.

A great number of our clients had trusted us not only for their legal matters but also to coordinate and control their internal legal areas, lawyers, external staff, etc…this in order to obtain superior vision and control their legal stability, our Advisory today covers a large space in our activities because of our successes as coach individuals and corporations is often recognized.